Casa degli Artisti is re-opening – 110 years after its foundation – confirming its special nature as a public asset and bringing into being a centre for residency, production and fruition open to the whole city.

A place for encounter, reflection and creation with an interdisciplinary and international perspective, which places study and work at the centre of its activities and supports thepractice of artists in the fields of the visual, performing, sound and applied arts,literature and thought.

A place that will work in the public sphere and in urban space, thanks partly to an exchange between different players in the areas of the arts, society and enterprise.

The 2020 programme has been constructed around the keyword Work.

Work indicates the central role of work in the project to re-launch the Casa degli Artisti,which takes the form of a creative construction site.

Work is an invitation to build a place that needs a contribution from everyone. A placewhere different practices and knowledge cross paths, somewhere between thepersonal and choral dimensions of work, between the work of art and that of thought. A place creating relations between institutions of different sorts – public, private andnon-profit.

Work raises the question of the signficance of the work of artists and its statute in our society

A hub of the Casa’s activities is to host resident artists. The programme can be accessed byinvitation, with no limits of age or nationality, through an open call for applications.

Access by invitation corresponds to the curatorial and critical vocation of the Casa degli Artisti, open-callaccess corresponds to its vocation of openess and welcome.

The first act is a Founding Call (by invitation and convocation), investing the artists who will betaking part in it with the role and responsibilities of being the first to re-establish a space thathad been empty and has come to life again.

An ATS (temporary syndicate of associations), or five entities that have come together on the basis of a shared vision to give rise to a work group capable of combining resources, competences and connections.

A work group consisting of artists, cultural organizers, trainers, architects, gallery-managers, citizens, 11 people with competent knowledge of the city’s cultural panorama, both Italian and international: Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello of ZONA K, Giulia Restifo of That’s Contemporary, Christian Gancitano of Atelier SpazioXPO’, Matteo Bianchi, Mattia Bosco, Mariavera Chiari, Francesco Piccolomini Bandini, Lorenzo Vatalaro of NIC, Susanna Ravelli of the Centro Itard Lombardia and Lorenzo Castellini of Future Fond, which has contributed right from the start to drawing up the management project, whilst remaining an external partner.