(Let’s) work!
Open Founding Call of the Casa degli Artisti

Almost 100 years after its foundation, Milan’s Casa degli Artisti is re-opening its doors to art and artists.

(Let’s) work is the first call for applications launched by Casa degli Artisti and addresses both novice and emerging artists.

It is an invitation to take part in the planning and construction of a place that is experiencing a new lease of life.

(Let’s) work 2020 will assign studio space to 3 artists for a duration of 3 months, during which a project will be completed within the residency programme at the Casa degli Artisti.

The call is part of the WORK programme, which marks the year of the building’s official opening.

Work is the keyword we imagine standing at the centre of the 2020 programme, a year that marks work being resumed at the Casa degli Artisti.

Work indica innanzitutto la centralità del lavoro nella vocazione originaria e nel progetto di rilancio di questo luogo.

Work indicates first and foremost the central role of work in the original vocation and in the project for re-launching this site.

Work is a house that becomes a construction site, putting an idea into practice, a way of verifying its resilience.

Work is an invitation to take part in the construction of a place that requires work from everyone and everybody, a place where a personal dimension of work can cohabit with the choral. A place where different practices and knowledge, the work of art and that of thought, cross paths.

Work is an open question on the very nature of artistic work and art as work: on the way in which the latter is perceived and acknowledged these days and on the work statute of artists in our society.

Aims and programme of the residency
Casa degli Artisti issues an invitation to present an unpublished artistic project that can be realisedin residency at the studios in Milan’s Casa degli Artisti, in Corso Garibaldi 89a.

The projects are required to start out from a reflection on the emptiness of the space in the restructured studios and on re-inhabiting the places in the Casa, including the garden, exploring“being there” as a reappropriation of the genius loci and work as generating sense and relations between inside and outside, the building and the city.

The artists are asked to inhabit the Casa with their work, by developing and producing a project.

Characteristics of the destinees
Novice and emerging artists without limits of age or background.
For foreign candidates, valid documents are required for a stay of at least 3 months in Italy.

Programme of residency
Residency envisages each artist realizing her/his project in the space assigned, according to the times and modes agreed upon.

Access to residency envisages hospitality being shared with all the other “inhabitants” of the Casa degli Artisti.

During the residency the artist is required to take part in:

● at least one think tank a month,
● a lectio magistralis of a convivial nature at the Casa degli Artisti,
a public talk, at which a personal contribution is presented,
● meetings of exchange and organization with all the inhabitants of the Casa degli Artisti,
● opening the studios to the public at 1 open studio a month during the guided visits to the Casa degli Artisti.

Those assigned studio space will receive one studio visit a month, meetings with collectors, artists,curators and resident cultural operators or those visiting the city of Milan and the Casa degli Artisti.

During Artweek Milano 2020, Casa degli Artisti will open up the studios and present resident artistsand works at a specific initiative devoted to them.

The artists working in the studios are offered support in the realization of their project in the form ofterritorial facilitations and technical assistance, to be agreed upon.

The final production will be part of an annual collective exhibition and a publication devoted to the residencies.

Duration of the residency
Studio space is allocated to the artists selected for a maximum of 3 months, starting from the date in which the residency agreement is signed.

Characteristics of the space allocated
The studios at the Casa degli Artisti are co-working spaces measuring roughly 30 sq.m. each,equipped with a worktable and chairs; natural light in the studios comes from the north.Resident artists have access to the bistrot at reduced prices, as well as being able to take advantage of the shared services offered by the Casa degli Artisti.

Specification of the contribution to the artist or al collective and mode of payment

A monthly contribution of 500 euros to support the works of the artist or collective will be offered.

There is no reimbursement for travelling expenses, food or accommodation but competitively-priced offers will be made available.

Production costs will also be evaluated by any sponsors in relation to the project presented.

Rights and production commitments
The work/research will remain the property of the artist, with the Casa degli Artisti retaining the right of first refusal for exhibitions and cultural events.Documentation of the production process (videos, images, study documents and realisations) will become part of the Archives of the Casa degli Artisti. During the residency, Casa degli Artisti will promote the works realized on the relevant circuits of the art market.

Formal requirements for participation
To take part in the call for applications, the project to be developed must be attached to a fullycompiled and signed application, together with an account of the costs and time scheduleenvisaged, and a portfolio (or a link) allowing for the viewing of previous research and worksalready concluded.Every candidate (individually or in a collective) may present only one project.

Attachments required:
The attachments required to the email of application are:
● application form, with date and signature (annex 1)
● valid ID card/passport
● a free description of the project, including an estimate of production costs, the mode and timing ofthe production processes, deadlines (max 2MB)
● portfolio of the artist or collective, or a link for reference (max 3MB)
● any descriptive or photographic documentation connected to the realization of the work (max1MB).
The presentation may be made in Italian or in English.

Applications that fail to present the required documents will not be admitted to the selection process.

The present call for applications is published on 3 December 2019. Applications must reach us nolater than 7 January 2020

at the email address: opencall@casadegliartisti.org