for 4/5 artists

The project is part of Casa degli Artisti’s 2020 annual programme, at the centre of which stands the word WORK. 

It is the object of an open call for an artistic residency and production project in collaboration with the German collective Rimini Protokoll.

The selected artists will be offered a three-month residency during which, alongside their personal projects, a documentary theatre project on the theme of the nightshift will be developed, in collaboration with Aljoscha Begrich and Jörg Karrenbauer of the theatre collective Rimini Protokoll.

The outcome of the residency will be a mobile and interdisciplinary urban performance with the title “Nightshift”, which will be presented to the public in a series of evening performances in collaboration with the ZONA K theater season. The work process and materials will be documented in a video installation presented at Casa degli Artisti.

The call addresses emerging artists; specifically:

● a sound designer
● a composer
a video artist
● a journalist or dramatist (dedicated to documentary research)
● and/or an author (dedicated to scenic writing)

The residency will consist in a three-month period of work between 13 May and 1 October 2020, with a summer break of 6 weeks between mid-July and the end of August.

Performances of the final outcome will take place between the beginning of October and the end of November 2020.

The artists selected will receive a monthly grant of 500 Euro. For the specific content that becomes part of the final performance, they will be paid an added lump sum of 1,300 Euro (gross, liable to taxation).

At the end of their residency any artists interested will have the opportunity to take part in the performances of “Nightshift” as technicians, production assistants or performers (with relative additional compensation to be agreed separately).

The working language will be English. Good English skills are required to participate to the residence. The language of the final performance will be Italian. At the end of the residence, all texts eventually created in English will be translated into Italian.

Casa degli Artisti reopened on February 1st – 110 years after its foundation – confirming its special nature as a public asset and bringing into being a center for artistic residency, production and fruition open to the whole city. A place for encounter, reflection and creation with an interdisciplinary and international perspective,which places study and work at the center of its activities and supports the practice of artists in the field of the visual, performing, sound and applied arts, literature and thought. A place that works on the public sphere and urban space, thanks to an exchange between different players in the areas of art, society and enterprise.

Rimini Protokoll is a theatre collective founded in 2000, which has been working since then with various constellations of artists. Their objective is to expand theatrical expression in order to create new perspectives on reality. Rimini Protokoll develops theater performances, scenic interventions and radio productions, availing themselves of collaboration by experts whose knowledge and ability extend beyond the theater.  They like to translate urban space and social structures into theatrical formats.

Description of the project

In 2006 Rimini Protokoll converted a big truck into an auditorium on wheels capable of transporting 50 spectators through a city: sitting on one side of the truck and looking through a large glass window, they see the real city, which becomes the stage. Using this vehicle, as an observatory or mobile peepbox looking out onto the city like a theatrical probe,several productions and several formats have been developed, dealing with themes inherent in the world of work and urban reality:

In Milan, the project will center on nightshifts or working at night. The truck will transport its spectators through the city suburbs and turn the limelight onto what normally goes on invisibly, in the dark.
Who works at night? How? Who pays? A shadow economy or the backbone and backstage of today’s most dazzling manifestations? What are the places where work begins when another ends and what work has no beginning and no end?

During residency, the artists selected will be asked to develop an interdisciplinary project on the theme of nightshifts / working at night, through group work guided by Begrich/Karrenbauer, which will then be presented to the public in the form of a mobile urban performance in October and November 2020.

The work will be organized through research on the territory and its modes of production, the search for possible key figures, interviews with workers and experts, audio/video recordings, musical composition and sound recording, scripts and the creation of performative slots.

There will be phases of research and group work with Begrich/Karrenbauer of Rimini Protokoll, as well as phases of individual work and the development of personal projects. The work process aims to encourage collaboration between the artists. During the phases of group work artists are required to be permanently present in Casa degli Artisti.
During their residency, the artists are also required to take part in:

● at least one round-table a month,
● a lectio magistralis in a convivial form at Casa degli Artisti,
● a public talk in which a personal contribution by the artist is presented,
● a group meeting for exchange and organizational purposes between all the inhabitants of Casa degli Artisti
● at least one “open workshop” a month, when citizens can take part in guided visits to Casa degli Artisti

The residency itself is independent of any further participation to the public performances, which are to be understood exclusively as an opportunity offered to those artists who wish to continue following the project after its début.

13 May – 16 June 2020 – ongoing presence required
17 June – 8 July 2020 – free individual work
9 July - 23 August – summer break
24 August – 1 October – ongoing presence required

Support Offered
Casa degli Artisti will provide the selected artists with a studio for research, exchanges and shared work.
The approx. 40sqm space is equipped with tables and chairs, a printer and wi-fi.
There is a piano in the Casa, which can be made available on request. Throughout their residencies, the artists will be assisted by a co-ordinator of the Casa who will have the task of facilitating their work.A total contribution of 1,500 Euro for the 3 months of residency (500 Euros monthly) + a lump sum of 1,300 Euro (gross, liable to taxation).

Formal requirements for application
To take part in the present call, the following must be forwarded:
● An application, filled in, dated and signed by the applicant (attachment1)
● Valid identity card /passport
● Up-to-date CV
● A short written self portrait (max 1500 characters with spaces)
● Portfolio of recent work or link for reference (max 3MB)
● Answers to the following questions:
1. What comes to your mind with regard to the theme nightshift/night work?  (1500 chars. with spaces)
2. What work of art/song/text do you associate with this theme? (500 chars. with spaces)

The presentation must be written in English (except for the portfolio, which may be in Italian).

Applications that are not accompanied by the documents requested cannot be accepted for selection.

The present call for applications is published on 30 January 2020.

Applications must reach us by, and no later than, 1 March 2020 at the email address:

Selections will be made by a jury of 7 people, consisting of the founders of Casa degli Artisti, members of its committee of experts and Begrich/Karrenbauer of Rimini Protokoll, and there will be two phases. Pre-selection will be based on the documentation presented; the results will be communicated by March 9th . By this date the pre-selected candidates will receive an invitation to a personal interview (if possible live, otherwise via Skype), to be held between March 18 th and 20th . The final results will be communicated by March 27th 2020.